FUNDA was established 10 years ago by its founder Kieran Fletcher, the expert children's coach, author, professional speaker and physical educator for children aged 3 to 11 years.

FUNDA Is The Name Of Our Child Friendly Mascot

FUNDA also has his friends who like to get physical, play games, challenge each other and take part in lot's of activities together, each character has their favourite FUNDAmental Movement Skill such as; running, jumping, skipping etc.

What We Do ..


Deliver Physical Education (P.E), Planning Preparation & Assessment Time (PPA) and Teachers Professional Development.  Delivered in over 165 schools.

Activity-Based Childcare

Provide cost effective, OFSTED Registered Childcare and Holiday Camps, where 80 children attend every single day during the school holidays.

Education Resources

Provide FUNDA resources and programmes for schools/ teachers and home-based learning/ tuition providers,   parents, carers, childminders and home-tutors worldwide.

Physical Educators

FUNDA now employs a team of physical educators and consultants to support the delivery of our multi-award winning and Ofsted Registered resources and programmes.

Making A Difference To Thousands Of Children Every Week *Worldwide*.